A Brief Story About Value

Empowering emerging technology companies  

NuovaDyne Marketing Group is a marketing consultancy that specializes in helping technology companies take their products to market.

Through marketing strategy and communications, we help our clients define and express their unique competitive advantage based on the value that their products provide to their customers. Our holistic approach focuses on identifying the value inherent in technology, value that enables organizations to realize business objectives more quickly and cost effectively.

We work with CXOs as well as business and technology thought leaders at technology-based companies. Our mission has been to communicate the business value of information technology (IT), a transformative technology of the twentieth century. Now, we are expanding our services to work with enterprises and up-and-coming companies based on clean and green technologies, which will transform life in the twenty-first century.

We look forward to working with innovative companies in the IT and clean/green technology sectors. Our role is to help commercialize and communicate the value of next-generation technologies, products, and services. Our goal is to help make these technologies and products the status quo for economic and environmental sustainability in business and society.

Value drives successful businesses. Value drives everything we do.

Recent Project

Client: Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation

Challenge: Create a a compelling, value-driven story about using IT to achieve business goals in uncertain economic times.

Solution: A review of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft software, services, and licensing options.

Deliverable: A white paper, "IT Strategies for Uncertain Economic Times."

Benefit: Focus on value connects capabilities of Microsoft software with achieving goals such as optimizing IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and capitalizing on future software innovation.